As the pages come alive in my website and my blog gets busy with new content, I want to tell you about my book. This is my first book and I am having a lot of fun learning about book writing. I have a lot information that I want to include in the book but my publisher said that in my audience’s benefit the book needs to be concise and to the point. I need to consider that my audience are busy people small business owners and entrepreneurs, people looking for practical information they can apply to solve their business challenges.

The book is written in a practical format, is easy to read and includes actual systems and business strategies that are working for actual entrepreneurs or small business owners. The book will be loaded with specific links to my website where the reader can actually access and download resources that will make it very easy and practical in applying in their own business building or business operations.

Stay tuned for more about the book, the next time I update this page I will reveal the title and subtitle of the book, subsequently I will write about it in my blog. So please be patient!

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  • Must you know my name?

    April 19, 2016

    Yes but just because you are clearing your browser history or browsing in incognito mode doesn’t mean your actions aren’t still being tracked. Ther are a lot of log files on both PCs and phones that track your activity and aren’t cleared when you do this. You can read more about it – but unless your using a software that “scrubs” your machine or phone then your actions are likley still viewable.


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