The Introduction to my book

Hi everyone, I am back with good news. I have been busy writing my book and have not had any time to come here and give you an update about my progress. Today I am posting the introduction part of my book. This is an unedited draft so please be forgiving with the grammar and structure, remember is a work in process.



This book started as an ordinary business book, with specific business topics very similar to other business books written on the subject. As I reviewed what I’ve written I discovered that I was merely presenting the information the way countless other people have done. I discovered that conveying my message in the same way as others were doing was not what I really wanted to do. I wanted to be innovative and at the same time practical, I wanted to write something significant but at the same time useful, complex and at the same time easy to understand and easy to apply in the development, operation and continue growth of a small business.

Having established the above, let me tell you what this book is about! This book is about as much about life as it is about business, about helping people in realizing they have a huge amount of potential, in helping create or revive the dreams, and then in providing a way to facilitate the achieving of these dreams by adopting and implementing a set of specific concepts and systems, to help you obtain the freedom you have been looking for and to help you build a sustainable and profitable small business.

Whom was this book written for? This book was written for those people that yearn to become independent business owners. Those that have invested years helping other people in building their dreams. It is time to stop the learning process, and time to use everything you have learned with your employer and apply it in building your own dream., your own success. This book is directed to every entrepreneur that is already sold and convinced that you need to take action and start doing something now, right now! That is why this book is written in a different way than the common “How to Start a Business” book format that is prevalent out there. It is designed for you to apply the information immediately without second guessing. For example other books when they talk about how you should organize your business or what business structure you should adopt they give a general description of all the organizational structures its pro’s and con’s. Learning about that is important, but because my purpose is to get you up and running, I am going to give you the specific guidelines you need, straight up, about the business structure you need to use and how you need to go about in setting this up, regardless of the products or services your business is providing.

What this book will do for you? It presents an alternative to the “status quo” it is designed to help you develop the confidence you need to succeed in your new journey one step a time. It is designed to help you build a platform the foundation of your business by setting specific cornerstones and then build upon them one business brick at a time. The information is powerful yet simple to understand, it is designed to stimulate your thought process about business concepts and business systems. It introduces the STRATEGY concept its framework and application, it builds upon dealing and changing your beliefs and programming for success, it will help you to strengthen and confirm your desire and decision to go into business by yourself, but not on your own. It will help you to find your WHY, the driver that keeps you going, that gets you out of bed every morning. It is designed to stimulate your DESIRE to succeed in your business venture, to assist you in finding the CLARITY of your ideas necessary to design your MISSION, VISION and in achieving your GOALS, and in the process build the bridge that will allow you to go from where you are today, right now, to where you want to be THERE.

This is a book of systems and blueprints with links to specific information that can be used by entrepreneurs, managers, or operational people to build and operate a profitable business. That’s right, a profitable enterprise. There are many reasons why people go into business and all of them are worthy to mention, but all enterprises and all entrepreneurs should go into business with the goal of making a profit. This book is written with that end in mind, to help you build and operate a profitable business, this book contains a series of solutions and tools designed to help you do just that. I have named these systems the Small Business Success Launching System” and the “Small Business Success Management System” both were developed based on the principle of making complexity easy to understand and apply just like big business do, and no matter where you live, you can apply these principles and be able to achieve your dreams, here in America this is called achieving the “THE AMERICAN DREAM” you can call it achieving the ULTIMATE DREAM if you live anywhere else in the world. And achieving the dream you will, no matter the size or the purpose all you have to do is keep an open mind as we go through the pages the concepts and the systems.

Before we moved on the systems it is necessary to visit the areas in you that need to be aligned with achieving your dream to ensure you get what you want. One of these areas is the area of your beliefs, your present programming. Why do we need to start with your beliefs? Because it is important that you believe in yourself, not in this book or the author, but in you, believe that you were born with the innate capacity to succeed at anything you put your mind to work. You have to be able to envision your goals and declare to yourself and to others that you can accomplish them. That is the first step, to change the way you think, to erase the old programing of your brain, to reprogram who you are by letting go of all the negative thoughts, pains, and everything that has kept you from becoming who you are destined to become.

The next step is to set your cornerstones and start the process of turning your dreams into a real business. Imagine the impact you will have in your life and that of all the people around you once they see you working and making progress on your project. It will have a tremendous effect on your environment, your immediate network and even the people you have note met yet. I am sure that at one point in your life you have witnessed the disruption of a tranquil pond of water by nothing else than someone dropping a rock in it and causing a ripple effect that is visible, intense and goes on and on. In life is the same way, your actions will have a ripple effect in your environment affecting the center of your life and everyone else that is around you whether you know them or not. You probably have experienced this already by some of the decisions you’ve taken in the past, whether you planned them or not they had a ripple effect, surprising enough this ripple effect transcend time and space, having some of its effects showing up in your future.

Take for example this book, you will be surprised to know that although it was just recently published its beginnings are remote all the way back to late 1980’s. Yes, a series of decisions I took during those years are having its effects today. It was about opportunity or the lack of it that push me to take some life changing decisions and have me move from one city where I was living comfortable to a bigger and less familiar place where I have to adapt to a new way of living. In the late 80’s an opportunity to advance and obtain a better job was presented to me, it was a very good opportunity, one that was going to double my weekly earnings. I lost the opportunity due to a lack of preparedness. I realized then that when opportunity knocks on your door you need to be prepared. I made a decision that day, I promised myself that this would never happen to me again, that I was going to get ready stay prepared and instead of waiting for opportunity to come and knock again I was going to go an look for her. The moment I made this decision I set up many things in motion in the universe and God basically arrange for me to meet the right people, made available the resources and performed countless miracles in my life that propel me to get here, where you are reading about it in my book. My decision change my life forever and the lives of many other people in a very positive way. And I desire and trust that it will help to change yours as well.

How can we accomplish what we need to in life and in business then? By having a strategy that includes a BLUEPRINT and a series of systems with the necessary sets of steps we need to succeed in life and in building a successful business. Incidentally this is exactly what big companies do they empower their teams and trained them to win, with the right strategy, a system and a group of people that is willing to execute, that is willing to sacrifice and win. Executing and wining is the tactical part of implementing the strategy, it takes decision making, based on information or plans, and most often than not the ability to adjust those plans and make new decisions in order to achieve the predetermined goals.

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