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April 2015

A Short Story

I want to share a short story with you, my story. It is short and simple but I hope it can be inspiring in some way. You see I was not born in this magnificent land, I came from a total different place, like many people living in this country. This story is like no other, not because it is my story, but because it involves the taking of risk and going through massive change, and change transforms, it transformed me and the environment around me. The fact that today I am sharing this with you is due to change taking place in my life again. I will be back and address this later on. This is the story, my name is Franco Hernandez I was born and raise in another place, I will withhold the place for now. At the age of 17 I left my village, my mom, my friends and my country and moved to the United States, the details of how I made it here are irrelevant, just know that the journey from where I am from to my final destination in the States was full of challenges and difficulties. I am not complaining at all, it was a trade-off, a must do, just like any other one in life. I was a teen full of dreams and plans and willing to do whatever it takes to make it here. So one cold Sunday morning in the middle of a winter season the year is irrelevant, I walked across the US-Mexico border and launched myself into the greatest adventure of my life. An adventure that continues til this day. How do you keep an adventure going, never cease dreaming, never give up on your dreams, reinvent yourself start something new, when you feel like a worm and you think you hit rock bottom build a cocoon get in there and work, work like crazy until the change takes place. That is what I do, it is how I kept this adventure going. It is a lot of fun. And I will keep doing it until the day I cross the ultimate border into my final destination, after all I am just passing by. When I first came here I met a lot of bad and good people, mostly good people, people that wanted to help me. But in addition to people I also met my savior Jesus Christ, the dream giver. I met him through the reading of the word and the love expressed through his people. I worked in a lot of places and did many things giving it all my best and always looking for the next opportunity. I work as dishwasher in a restaurant, picking up produce and citrus deep in the Florida Everglades, tobacco in the fields of North Carolina in the Summer, to construction in Texas. In construction I started from sweeping and cleaning after people to house framer, sheet rock and bedding, to roof installation. I spent eight years of my life working as a painter plastic and graphic design in a sign company in three different sign companies. I was working hard trying to reach my dream, until one day OPPORTUNITY came to my door, it knocked I opened the door and there it was with a big smile, open arms, and very inviting. Now I have seen opportunity before in fact I’ve always went looking for OPPORTUNITY instead of looking for a job, and every time I asked for it, OPPORTUNITY was handed to me. In fact the first person I asked for an opportunity, not a job, was so elated that he started me at a higher rate than what I asked for only because I asked for opportunity. But this time it was different she knocked at my door, and for the first time in my life I was not ready. OPPORTUNITY was very sad, it look at me and left, but before she turned the corner I yelled and with a knot in my throat I swear to her that I would never be unprepared again. And from that time on I committed myself to always be prepared for when OPPORTUNITY show up at my door in that manner. You see when opportunity left I decided to make a change in my life, I decided to leave my comfort zone and spend the next four years at the age of 30 attaining my college degree, because the reason opportunity left that afternoon was because I did not have my High School diploma and the company that pay the best painters salaries in town required all its employees to have a High School education. I did not have it, I came from another place with a lot of dreams but with a different mentality. My parents instill in me a great work ethic, they teach me to fend for myself, to not be afraid, every thing else I learned and acquired it here, through listening to people, observing people, adopting best practices, emulating people, and being grateful to all the good people God put there to help me. I went through four years of college and obtained my undergraduate in business and accounting, then my MBA in Finance and when OPPORTUNITY came knocking on my door again she was so happy, she took me by the hand and I walked with her, she found me opportunities in Fortune 500 companies, companies with international operations, I even became an expatriate when a US company send me to work to my country of origin, Mexico. Opportunity took me on business trips to destinations I never imagined or dream of going, remember where I came from. She help me to provide for my family and my community. Today opportunity has done it again, she wants me to asked you for the opportunity to share my knowledge, and perhaps is common life and business knowledge and you make had heard it from one to many business gurus, however I want to assure you that if you give me the opportunity of sharing by reading my blog you will not regret it, you see the information I will share through out my posts will help you to decipher when opportunity whistle to you, when she is coming down the street, or if you see her across the street to run to her I know that that he information I will share here will add and not subtract from anyone. After all we all are looking for her or wish she comes to us every day. You do agree right? If you made it to this point, thanks for reading my blog I will be back with many details of my story I left off, I will tell you about RISK next, and how we became best friends. God bless.

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my blog, if you are reading this article you are one of the first people reading my very first article. And the first to know what this blog is going to be about. My blog and Word Press web-site is titled “You can still succeed in America” I know a lot has been written about the topic, and countless books may have been published about the American success. However, I know there is still people that for one reason or another have not grasp let alone achieve their American dreams. There are a large number of entrepreneurs still employed, a vast number of people with the desire to launch a business, what better time than now, today is just as good as any other day. What do people need to succeed to transition from being an employee to that of business owner, or perhaps being unemployed to becoming an entrepreneur. There is hundreds of thousands of people working jobs they do not like for wages that are below their talent, people living from paycheck to paycheck despite pulling a six figure income. However, with all that talent, knowledge and excellent work ethic they choose to remain employed and tied to one organization or individual working the 40/40 system. I know they long to be free, despite having all the knowledge and talent they have not been able to adopt a system that can bring hem the freedom they are looking for. One of the purposes of this blog will be to provide a platform with information that people can use to start building a system or adopting and utilizing one my systems.

Be patient and bear with me as you can see this blog-site is being organized, I promised that soon it will be populated with useful information.

Until then.

Franco Hernandez

Hello world!

Today is Tuesday March 8, 2016, I want to let you know how grateful I am of being here today. As the world turns and rotates, today is a very special day, I am alive and ready to publish on this blog. I am here to stay and at your service.

H. Franco Hernandez.